File Centre covers the South West of the UK and the M4 corridor.

We cross-shred documents to the European DIN standard of Level 3, which is less than 6mm x 50mm.

Request a sample from us, compare the shred sizes with your current providers and decide for yourself if you would be happy with the level of destruction being provided by File Centre. Contact us for a shredded sample.

Yes, you are more than welcome to witness your documents being shredded. Book a time slot with us and we would be more than happy to accommodate you.

We undertake anything from the destruction of one file to thousands of boxes if required.

We provide secure consoles at no additional charge for the storage of your office paper between collections.

We can collect on a scheduled basis to suit you or on an ad-hoc basis as required.

There is no need to remove any of these items.

We send the shredded material to a paper mill where it is recycled.

The material is collected by uniformed staff that are all CRB checked. The premises have CCTV and restricted access for authorised personnel only. The material is shred to DIN Level 3 and a certificate of destruction is issued on completion.

File Centre charges by weight, so you only get charged for what is physically shredded.

Yes, we supply destruction bags for your household paperwork along with numbered cable ties, which are used to secure the bags. The bags can be delivered to us and confidentially destroyed. A certificate of destruction is issued with numbered seal counterparts.

You can save time and money by outsourcing non-value-added jobs. We can shred paper in a matter of seconds whereas it could take hours for an employee to shred a fraction of the amount. Outsourcing also protects your business against theft or unauthorised personnel viewing documents. You have no maintenance of machinery or the need to dispose of the shredded material.

We are one of the very few shredding companies that shred your documents to DIN Level 3, which is less than 6mm x 50mm in size. Most recycling / shredding companies have a greater throughput of paper due to a greater shred size but as a consequence there is a compromise in the level of security.

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