Have you ever had the chance to see the results when you've sent documents for shredding?

You would be shocked to learn how large and legible some of the so-called ‘confidential’ shredded material can be!

If it is just 'shred' rather than 'cross-shred' - ie in two directions - details can often still be read. There are great variations in the industry, with many companies not conforming to even the minimum European standards for confidential destruction: some samples obtained by us still have full name and address details legible.

At File Centre we cross-shred your material to DIN level 3, which is less than 6mm wide and 50mm long. This is intended to break up any lines of type and offers you one of the highest levels of protection when shredding your paper documents. It is the recognised European standard for confidential documents.

And not only do we offer to send you samples of shredding, in addition you are welcome to see your documents being shredded on site.

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